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RECOMMENDATIONS FOR KEEPING YOUR CAR IN PERFECT CONDITION Your car will last as long as you take care of it! Keeping it in top condition can avoid repercussions in both time and money. For this reason we want to share with you what are the pieces you need to be aware of and some tips so that your companion on the road does not present flaws. Shock absorbers for passenger comfort They are considered one of the three essential components in the so-called safety triangle, together with tires and brakes. They provide driving comfort and represent a guarantee of safety as they help control the vehicle at high speeds, it is advisable to carry out periodic checks every 20,000 kilometers.

Tires: the connection between your car and the road It is advisable to have them checked once a year by a specialist, but it is your responsibility to maintain proper air pressure. It is also essential to check them to verify that they are not worn, that is with holes or that they have some other irregularity. Brakes for safe travel The condition of the brake system depends a lot on the characteristics of the ride. It is not easy to find faults in such a system because the components deteriorate little by little, because of this it is recommended that it be checked once a year. When the brakes are in bad condition, more meters are needed to stop the car in the event of any emergency. Oil change that protects the engine For the car to work properly, the oil must be changed every five, eight and ten thousand kilometers, depending on the model and use of the car. However, oil levels should be checked frequently as lack of oil may cause engine damage.

Alignment and balancing that take you in the right direction Both are elements of great importance for your car to be in top condition. Balancing prevents steering wheel vibrations when driving fast, and alignment is necessary for precise steering and even tread wear. It is recommended to bring your car into alignment and roll every ten thousand kilometers. Lighting to see better The headlights of your vehicle allow you to see and be seen, so it is essential to check their proper functioning and when any irregularity is detected you should consult a specialist to avoid inconveniences for both you and other drivers. Wiper blades for great vision It is recommended to change the wiper blades at least once a year to avoid blurred vision in rainy weather. If they do not sweep well and do not properly evacuate the water, the information that reaches our eyes is not accurate and these seconds are vital. Following these tips will give you greater safety and peace of mind to drive your car without any problems.