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Ford Escape Hybrid Review: Full Hybrid SUV

Reinvent movement and board a high-level evolved SUV, enjoying the best driving experience. Do you know what we’re talking about? This is the new Ford Escape Hybrid.

Enjoy an attractive, fully hybrid, powerful, and aesthetic vehicle inside and outside. Definitely, this SUV is designed to impress, as it represents the most innovative in its segment.

In this article, we invite you to learn about its great technology, driver assistance, and high-performance engine. In addition, we bring you some electrifying versions that will surprise you.

Engine: The best combination of performance and efficiency

The Ford Escape Hybrid has the best fusion between performance and efficiency. Do you want to know why? Thanks to automotive engineering, this SUV has a system that automatically chooses the most optimal combination of its engines.

So you have enough power to dominate the road. This model uses a 2.5 L Atkinson Cycle 4 iVCT gasoline engine with 4 cylinders in line and sequential multipoint injection. This internal combustion engine is capable of developing a torque of 210 Nm at 4000 rpm.

In addition, it has an electric motor strategically located under the second-row seats, which provides more space, this factor provides greater passenger comfort and trunk cargo capacity and is powered by lithium-ion batteries of the last generation which we will talk about next.

Both engines deliver a power of 200 Hp at 6250 rpm, but you can always have the appropriate power because the control system automatically chooses the combination of engines so that they deliver the optimal capacity in various circumstances.

State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery

These new batteries are 1.1 Kw/h, more compact, and lighter; They have a liquid cooling system. This technology extends the useful life of the batteries and prevents the transfer of heat to the passenger compartment. And did you know that this SUV does not need to be connected thanks to the self-recharging power system?

Self-rechargeable power system

The vehicle is capable of automatically recovering energy when braking, through the regenerative braking system. This transforms the kinetic energy of braking or deceleration into electrical energy.

It accumulates in the lithium-ion battery, which then powers the electric motor. Alone, the electric motor can power the New Ford Escape Hybrid and in combination with the gasoline engine, you get all the verve of this new sport utility.


designed to impress


Do you already know the exciting aerodynamics of the new Ford Escape Hybrid? This incorporates the new aesthetic language of Ford, marked by a renewed design. It will definitely draw a lot of eyes! We explain it to you.

Its smooth and dynamic lines evoke sportiness and evolution from its black front grille to the panoramic double sliding panel sunroof. This SUV offers visual fluidity from all angles that allows you to notice every detail.

It is a model that gives aesthetics and emotion; but, do you already know the color range offered by the Ford Escape Hybrid? Now you can select one of these shades according to your style. we tell you.

  • oxford blue

  • metallic red

  • Charcoal gray

  • pure silver

  • Platinum White

  • black agate

Turn heads and be seduced by the Ford Escape Hybrid. Now you will see everything it has for you in its cabin full of comfort and technology.

The Ford Escape Hybrid has plenty of space for you to relax while you drive. Its cabin offers you a comfortable area with seats upholstered in fabric or leather, depending on the version (4×2 or 4×4).

Enjoy the heating system in the front seats, as well as electric adjustment and memory position in the driver’s seat. You will live the best experience thanks to its high-quality materials, rotary gear selector, and more.


The Ford Escape Hybrid has functional and attractive elements such as a steering wheel with speed and audio controls. You can also control the SYNC 3.4 connectivity system. Do you know what it is?

Through voice commands, you can make calls, and control your favorite music without letting go of the wheel. It has an 8-inch multi-capacitive touch screen and a B&O (Bang & Olufsen) premium audio system with 10 speakers.

You can also regulate the air and heating through the dual-zone automatic electronic climate control. Do you want to know more? Get ready because now you can get one of the best sport utility vehicles in the entire market.

The Ford Escape Hybrid packs a full package of technological advances inside and out. We explain to you.

The keyless access system detects the presence of the remote control when it is close to the SUV. This allows you to enter the vehicle without having to take the control out of your pocket.

When the remote device is inside the vehicle, you can start the engine by pressing a button. Did you know that the New Escape is the first Ford SUV in Colombia capable of parking itself?

Just locate the parking space and the vehicle will do the rest. The parking assistant 2.0 is capable of controlling the steering, the pedals and the transmission for a better performance in this task, we will talk about this system later.

Safety: Tranquility when driving

In terms of safety, the New Ford Escape Hybrid comes with a package of aids and systems so that you travel with confidence and at the same time, other road actors feel protected; we tell you:

nine airbags; front and side for driver and passenger, knee for driver, curtain, and side in the rear seats.

Likewise, the anti-collision assistant with pedestrian detector, which in the event of a possible risk of collision with the vehicle in front or with a sudden pedestrian in the path, the system activates the brakes automatically to completely prevent the collision or reduce the consequences thereof.

Plus, Collision Warning, preloads the brakes if it detects a possible collision, in case you don’t react in time. 

Likewise, the lane-keeping system is capable of detecting the lines marked on the road to help the driver stay in the center of the lane. This technology uses a front camera to monitor the position of the vehicle and warn the driver and even correct the trajectory when he strays unintentionally.

Another important help is the tire pressure monitoring system that shows the air pressure of each tire through sensors. In this way, it is possible to drive in optimal conditions, with greater safety and efficiency in fuel consumption.

Post-collision braking helps avoid secondary collisions or their severity; the system automatically applies the brakes when an initial collision is detected.

You also have the blind spot system (blis) with cross-traffic alert; Detecting when another vehicle is in the next lane within New Escape’s blind spot, this technology alerts you by flashing lights in the side mirrors.

It also detects your trailer’s blind spot, if you’re towing one. Also, Cross Traffic Alert detects vehicles when you’re slowly backing up – this is great when backing out of a parking lot!

Another important element for your safety is the fatigue detector which alerts the driver if he perceives driving behaviors that may indicate signs of fatigue. And finally, head-up display. which is also known as Head-Up Display, which will allow you to keep your eyes on the road as well as your hands on the wheel at all times.

This holographic screen puts call information, the GPS navigation system, and some driver assistance right in front of you. This help is available in the Titanium version. 

parking system 2.0

For parking maneuvers, the new Ford Escape Hybrid offers a reverse camera that will allow you to view everything that is behind the vehicle on the 8″ screen, which allows you to observe virtual lines to help you park in small spaces. This system is combined with the blind spot detector, which we mentioned before so that the job of parking is as safe as possible and you can do it with the greatest confidence.

Other aids include:

-Eco-Mode driving mode, to maximize driving efficiency, increase autonomy and reduce fuel consumption.

-New electronic continuously variable transmission with a power divider, which is controlled by a sophisticated rotary gear selector that replaces the traditional gear lever in the cabin.

-Intelligent AWD traction system to meet the challenges of the road. It features a fuel-saving all-wheel drive-off mode, which automatically disables the rear drive unit when the system detects it’s not needed.

Thus, only the front wheels drive the vehicle, reducing drag and overall power demand from the drivetrain. This feature is available in the Titanium version.

-The new SUV Escape allows the driver to select between 5 pre-configured driving modes, depending on the terrain conditions.

-advance track system that detects when the vehicle is skidding, oversteering, or understeering and applies brake pressure to each wheel independently, thereby reducing torque to help stabilize the vehicle. Traction control prevents a non-sticky wheel from spinning out of control and transfers 100% of the torque to the wheels that do have traction.

-The CURVE CONTROL system adjusts the speed of each wheel through selective application of the brakes in order to improve agility when cornering, thus reducing the chances of understeer and increasing handling when accelerating through corners. This aid works in conjunction with the advance track system so that maneuvers are always safe.

Finally, the New Escape features hill descent assistroll control, and torque vectoring control. In short, an SUV is prepared for you to face the roads with the greatest security and confidence, as only the masters of the blue oval can do.


At XAutoCare we offer you the greatest availability of the best brands in the automotive market and a range of amazing models. We list some of the features of the available versions of the Ford Escape Hybrid.


  • Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission CVT

  • Manual driver and front passenger seat adjustment

  • 17-inch alloy wheel

  • Fabric seat upholstery

  • Dual-zone automatic electronic climate control

  • Steering Wheel with Cruise, Audio, and SYNC Controls

  • Glass with privacy film (rear windows and liftgate)

  • Halogen headlights

SEL Limited 4×2 HYBRID

  • Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission CVT

  • LED daytime running lights
  • 18” wheels
  • seat upholstery with active-x
  • Windows with private film
  • rear proximity sensors
  • LATCh anchorage system, Isofix
  • adaptive cruise control


  • Transmission eCVT (Electronic Continuously Variable)

  • Ambient lighting

  • 19-inch alloy wheel

  • Wireless charging system for cell phones

  • Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist Plus

  • Dashboard with 12.3-inch color screen

  • Remote start of the engine from the key

  • GPS navigation system

  • Electric trunk opening


Have you already decided on the new Ford Escape Hybrid? It is time to evolve and address a powerful, efficient SUV with great interior and exterior aesthetics. Do you already know where to find it?