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Unrivaled Quality Used Toyota Engines Available At xAutoCare

Are you looking for a used Toyota engine? We are sure that by now you would have checked various websites and compared the prices that they have to offer for these products. We are also sure that once you are done checking out our website at xAutoCare you would be checking out some other websites as well. You would be jolly well within your rights to do so. The thing with all these options is that they tend to confuse you more than they solve matters for you. At times, they do so intentionally.

So, are you looking for an authentic provider of used Toyota engines for sale? In that case, you should be coming to us? You can be sure that we would provide you the best engines in this context and that too at the best prices. We have years of experience in the industry. We are experts in getting used Toyota engines with low mileage. As we have said already, we offer these products to you at the lowest costs as well.

Used Toyota Engines For Sale at X AutoCare

Used Toyota 4Runner Engines

Engines from 1995 to 2020 are ready in our stock. You can choose from it as per your needs. Few among them along with there specifications -

Year Used Engine Type Engine Size
1988 - 1995 3VZ E 3
1995 - 1996 3RZ FE 2.7
1996 - 2000 3RZ FE Coil Pack 2.7
1996 - 2002 5VZ FE 3.4
2003 -2009 1GR FE 4

Used Toyota Avalon Engines

Used engines from 1995 to 2020 are in stock. For 1995, 1996, 1998, and 1999, the 3-liter versions of the California emissions and the Federal emissions engines are in stock. For 2013, to 2020 we provide the 3.5-liter version of these engines and the 2.5-liter Hybrid engine.

Used Toyota Camry Engines

Used engines from 1995 to 2018 are also available with us. Specification of few are as follows -
Year Used Engine Type Specifications
1995 - 1999 Toyota Camry Engines Available in 2.2 & 3.0 liter variations
2000 - 2001 5SFE Available in 2.2 liter variations
2000 - 2001 5SFE Available in 3.4 liter variations
2002 Toyota Camry Engines Available in 2.4 & 3.0 liter variations

Why Choose Us?

● Certified Engines
● Free Delivery
● 100% Quality Assurance
● Largest Inventory
● Best Prices

If you are looking for used car engines, then it can be a tricky affair. Buying a used engine from a garage or small dealer can cost you dearly. Thus you can always do a little research before going around looking for one. xAutoCare is one of the best names in the business when it comes to used car engines. For more information call us now!

Why Us?

Why Buy Used Toyota Engines from Us?

Replacing your old Toyota Engine with low- mileage used Engine is simple with us. We have more than 1800+ salvage yards all over the US so that you can find an exact match for your vehicle. At X AutoCare we can help you find excellent quality used Toyota engines for your vehicle. Also, you can take advantage of our exclusive 90 Days warranty period and free shipping across the United States when you buy car engines for sale from us. Getting a quote from us takes less than a minute and you get all the information you need in regards to the pricing and mileage of your next Toyota engine.

certified engines

Certified Engines

free delivery

Free Delivery

largest inventory in usa

Largest Inventory in USA

100% quality assurance

100% Quality Assurance

Our Toyota Inventory

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How Can You Buy Used Toyota Engine?

Our requirements for Toyota Engine

Buying used engine for sale is simple with us. We just need few details & our team will get back to you with a free quote & the perfect used engine for your vehicle. Once you provide us following given details, we will instantly start working on your order.

To find a correct match we need a few details:

  • right Toyota vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • right Your business address for free shipping.
  • right Mileage that you are looking for used Toyota engine.


Advantages of Buying from X AutoCare

  • right Supreme Quality
  • right Right Toyota Engine for your car, checked for compatibility with VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number)
  • right Extended Warranty Period
  • right Wide Inventory to find the right used engine model you need
  • right Tried & Tested used engines
  • right 1800 + Inventory Yards to find the best used engines for sale
  • right Free shipping to customers all over USA
  • right Our used engines are properly cleaned, inspected & tested
  • right Your Satisfaction is our main priority

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