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Are you unable to find the used Ford engine for sale that you have been looking for all this while? In that case, you need not worry because we at xAutoCare have your back. Just get in touch with us at 888-887-4566 or Talk to one of our technicians and discuss the concerns that you have in this regard with them. One of the first reasons why we can help you as well as we do is the humongous inventory at our disposal. All the used Ford engines are of the best quality with great prices.

Following are the models for which we offer rebuilt Ford engines:

  • right Freestyle
  • rightAerostar
  • rightFusion
  • rightAspire
  • rightGT
  • rightBronco
  • rightMustang
  • rightC-Max
  • rightProbe

Apart from these, we provide various other options. These include Contour, Ranger, Crown Vic, Taurus, E150, Taurus X, E250, Thunderbird, E350, and Transit 150 engines. Do you want more? Well you can select from Edge, Transit 250, Escape, Transit 350, Escort, Transit Connect, Excursion, Truck-F150, Expedition, and Truck-F150 Raptor too! We have them as well.

We know that a lot of you look for Explorer, Truck-F250, F150, Truck-F250 not Super Duty, F150 Raptor, Truck-F250 Super Duty, F250, Truck-F350 not Super Duty, F250 Super Duty, and Truck-F350 Super Duty engines. We have those engines too. Are you in the market for used F350 not Super Duty, Truck-F450 not Super Duty, or F350 Super Duty engines? You would get them from us. We also deal in Truck-F450 Super Duty, F450 not Super Duty, Truck-Ranger, F450 Super Duty, Van E150, FORD Fiesta, and Van E250 engines. Apart from these we also stock Five Hundred, Van E350, Flex, Van E450 Super Duty, Focus, Van E550 Super Duty, Focus RS, Windstar, and Freestar engines.

Our Used Ford Aspire Engines

These engines are available in our inventory from 1995 to 1997.

Our Used Ford C-max Engines

You would get these engines from 2013 to 2019. In the 2013 to 2016 variants we provide the 2-liter engines. All our engines are inspected and certified. We always test these products before we ship them. We have certified professional mechanics who would first drive the car before they take out the engine from the vehicle.

You can call us to buy the best used Ford engine in the region. You can be sure that we would offer you all the transparency that you need in this regard. We also offer great guarantees to go with our products. We know that it is not every day that a Ford owner would look for a rebuilt or used Ford engine to replace the one that they already have. This is why you must also not select a dealership that is no better than the ordinary service providers you see every day around you in your area.

Why Us?

Why Buy Used Ford Engines from Us?

Replacing your old Ford Engine with low- mileage used Engine is simple with us. We have more than 1800+ salvage yards all over the US so that you can find an exact match for your vehicle. At X AutoCare we can help you find excellent quality used Ford engines for your vehicle. Also, you can take advantage of our exclusive 90 Days warranty period and free shipping across the United States when you buy car engines for sale from us. Getting a quote from us takes less than a minute and you get all the information you need in regards to the pricing and mileage of your next Ford engine.

certified engines

Certified Engines

free delivery

Free Delivery

largest inventory in usa

Largest Inventory in USA

100% quality assurance

100% Quality Assurance

Our Chevy Inventory

Get FREE quote for the available Used Ford Engine:

  • rightFORD 500 Engine
  • rightFORD Aerostar Engine
  • rightFORD Aspire Engine
  • rightFORD Bronco Engine
  • rightFORD C-Max Engine
  • rightFORD Contour Engine
  • rightFORD Crown Vic Engine
  • rightFORD Edge Engine
  • rightFORD Escape Engine
  • rightFORD Escort Engine
  • rightFORD Excursion Engine
  • rightFORD Expedition Engine
  • rightFORD Explorer Engine
  • rightFORD Fiesta Engine
  • rightFORD Five Hundred Engine
  • right FORD Flex Engine
  • rightFORD Focus Engine
  • rightFORD Freestar Engine
  • rightFORD Freestyle Engine
  • rightFORD Fusion Engine
  • rightFORD GT Engine
  • rightFORD Mustang Engine
  • rightFORD Probe Engine
  • rightFORD Ranger Engine
  • rightFORD Taurus Engine
  • rightFORD Taurus X Engine
  • right FORD Thunderbird Engine
  • rightFORD Transit 150 Engine
  • rightFORD Transit 250 Engine
  • rightFORD Transit 350 Engine
  • rightFORD Transit Connect Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F150 Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F150 Raptor Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F250 not Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F250 Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F350 not Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F350 Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F450 not Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-F450 Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Truck-Ranger Engine
  • rightFORD Van E150 Engine
  • rightFORD Van E250 Engine
  • rightFORD Van E350 Engine
  • rightFORD Van E450 Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Van E550 Super Duty Engine
  • rightFORD Windstar Engine

How Can You Buy Used Ford Engine?

Our requirements for Ford Engine

Buying used engine for sale is simple with us. We just need few details & our team will get back to you with a free quote & the perfect used engine for your vehicle. Once you provide us following given details, we will instantly start working on your order.

To find a correct match we need a few details:

  • right Ford vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • right Your business address for free shipping.
  • right Mileage that you are looking for used Ford engine.


Advantages of Buying from X AutoCare

  • right Supreme Quality
  • right Right Ford Engine for your car, checked for compatibility with VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number)
  • right Extended Warranty Period
  • right Wide Inventory to find the right used engine model you need
  • right Tried & Tested used engines
  • right 1800 + Inventory Yards to find the best used engines for sale
  • right Free shipping to customers all over USA
  • right Our used engines are properly cleaned, inspected & tested
  • right Your Satisfaction is our main priority

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